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New Years Eve: Wednesday 31 December: 22.00-08.00
Islington MIll & Fat Ron's Twat on Fire presents ...

Islington MIll, Fat Out Til You Pass Out, Neuron Pro Audio, Moderate Twat Kissa and Mind on Fire proudly bring you THE BUG ft Flowdan, the main mutation of producer Kevin Martin (King Midas Sound) live on the Neuron Void INCUBUS Sound System. 

Taking on our biggest New Years event to date, we are expanding the party out of the Mill walls and into the COLOSSAL Regents Trading Warehouse to create a huge multi-room warehouse party.

Islington Mill’s interior designer MTK will be building an insta-tunnel connecting Islington Mill courtyard to Regents Trading estate. This tunnel will take you on a wild journey from the Islington Mill courtyard, through New Islington Mill and out the other end where you will be dropped off in vast space of aural stimulation. With help from KHOM Visuals he will also be transforming the gallery into a chill out zone from psychedelic hell.

This "end-of-year bash promises to be one of the best on offer" - The Quietus

Tickets are available from Fat Out & Skiddle:
Super Fan - £15 - SOLD OUT
Dead Keen- £20 - SOLD OUT
On it - £25


Regents Trading estate:
THE BUG ft Flowdan
Raikes Parade
Machine Woman
Kydro vs Dan Nation
Jonny Opo
DJ Fred
Red Eye Hifi
Islington Mill Club Space:
Age of Glass
Stop Making Sense DJ’s
CVNT Traxxx
After party curated by Faktion & Gesamtkunstwerk.

Other Events coming soon...

Dub Smugglers Christmas Party - Friday 19th December

The Day Today Night! - Monday 29th December: 8pm

More information on all of the above events is coming soon....

Yuri Landman DIY Instrument Building Workshops

6th-8th February 2015

A new 2 day series of instrument building workshops with a performance at the end.

Fri Feb 6th - 19.00-23.00 - Electric Kalimba workshop, £75.
Sat Feb 7th - 12.00-16.00 - Home Swinger & Triochord workshop. HS costs £110, Trio £45
Sat Feb 7th - 19.00-23.00 - Wood on Faom workshop, £35
Sun Feb 8th - Lecture, Solo performance, and Orchestra performance with the participants of the workshops.

People can register and get more information by mailing
50% of the fee must be paid in advance to get a confirmation for participation.

The Quickstep Kalimba Workshop features an electric version of an African instrument called Kalimba. This electric variant is handy to plug in any amp and to use at live performances. The tuning is adapted to the 12 tone common in Western music, but can be adapted to the traditional tunings as well if desired. Watch this video for more information.

The Home Swinger is a simplified version of the Moodswinger designed to be easy to assemble and play. It does not feature the slick finished design of the Moodswinger, but is exactly the same sounding instrument. Yuri Landman presents a 4 hour long Do-It-Yourself workshop whereby participants will leave with a finished Home Swinger instrument as well as a strong understanding of its structure and workings. The difficult soldering part will be taken care of by Yuri. Participants require no special skills and the difficulty of the process has been compared to building a piece of IKEA furniture! Watch this video for more information.

The Triochord is an enhanced version of the monochord/Didley Bow. All strings are tuned in unisono giving an excellent natural chorus effect. This instrument workshop is very cheap compared to the other workshops and therefore highly suitable to organise at music education centres and conservatories. The instrument features a common Western logarithmic scale as well as a scale of harmonics. Watch this video for more information.

Six wooden bars glued on foam that go to one mono output, but also to six separate outputs individually. The benefit of these multiple outputs is that you can add all kinds of individual flavors to each bar. For instance on bar one a reverb, on bar two a delay, on bar three a ring modulator, on bar four a flanger, etc. Watch this video for more information.

The day after the workshops Yuri Landman will play his musical compositions with the group of builders and create an ensemble performance. The participants play two musical compositions, starting in a minimal structure one by one, with each introduction creating more sonic complexity and volume, resulting in a “wall of sound” crescendo comparable with the drone works of Sonic Youth or the symphonic guitar compositions of Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca.

Afrocuban Percussion Workshops

Afrocuban percussion workshops and classes with Christian Weaver and La Timbala

Afrocuban Music Workshops - every three weeks on a Saturday, 10am-5pm
This new workshop series from La Timbala offers beginners and intermediate players an introduction to the instruments, rhythms and songs of the world of Afrocuban music. The workshops are ideal for players who would like to develop their technique and build abilities on a range of percussion instruments; congas, clave, cata, campana and shekere. The sessions take place every three weeks (Saturdays), from 10am till 5pm. They are open to anyone to attend without the need to book in advance. Sessions run every three weeks on a Saturday: (no workshop in April), May 31st. June 21st etc.
Cost £28 (full-time musicians and students £23).

Manchester Bata Group
Thursdays: 7.30-9.30: £8
This is a new, open-access group, organized by La Timbala Music and Dance, for the study of Bata music in the Cuban traditions of Matanzas and Havana. Classes are held every week on a Thursday evening 7.30 to 9.30 at Islington Mill (£8). The classes are open to anyone with an interest in learning the techniques and rhythms of this complex and sophisticated musical tradition. There is no need to book these classes. Find us on Facebook

La Timbala’s Rumba Study Group - every three weeks on a Saturday
This is a dedicated study group for intermediate and advanced players who would like to develop their skills and knowledge of Cuban rumba. The group is now in its fifth year. Workshops focus tightly on all aspects of playing and performing rumba; percussion, song and working with dancers. Students in this group also perform from time to time as Timberos de la Timbala.
This is a closed group for members only. Please make a direct enquiry (email: ) for more information about membership of this group. Find us on Facebook

For more information about any of the workshops and classes, or to register your interest, and for the requirements for membership of the rumba study group, please email

Regular classes at the Mill

LIFE DRAWING: Tuesdays | 7pm to 9pm | £6 (£8 for tutored master classes)

Life drawing+ is a bit more than just life drawing. These sessions can be formal, so we have a life model posing in different length of time for us to draw, paint or respond BUT now and again we link with the art programme of Islington Mill or other themes in Salford and M’chester art and cultural scene, so we've got bizarre dada sessions, times where our models come to pose with their bikes, or we draw music. We also run master classes now and again run by professional artists. Expect the unexpected! To keep up to date with the goings on follow the life drawing+ blog


SCREENPRINTING: Join One69a for an afternoon and learn how to screen print your very own tshirt.

8th November & 6th December: 1-4pm

Using silk screens, water based inks and hand cut stencils, you will have the opportunity draw and screen print your own designs or use our ready made designs to create your very own bespoke tshirt. You will also have the option of printing onto a tote bag instead if a tshirt isn’t your thing. We provide everything you need including designs but if you would like to bring your own, please make sure they are in a simple silhouette format which will enable you to cut them into a stencil with a craft knife. Included in the cost is 1 tshirt or tote bag and you will have the opportunity to print further items during the session should you wish to do so.

Due to the popular nature of the workshops, BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! For for further information, please contact

For further information, please contact

 £17.50 for 1 person, £30 for two!


Poster Printing Workshop: Next Date TBC: 11pm to 4pm: £30
Mono host a Risograph workshop where participants will learn how the Risograph works, what is possible and see loads of printed examples. We will then spend time creating artwork for the Riso process which will be printed as a 10 x A3, 3-colour edition (which you keep). On the day you can bring a computer if you want to work digitally, if not the artwork making process would be analogue (mark-making / cut and paste). The workshop is set up to be creative, fun and experimental.
£30 per person to book reserve online at Eventbrite

Zine Printing Workshop: Next Date TBC : 11pm to 4pm: £80
Over two Saturday's MONO will be hosting their first Risograph Zine Printing Workshop limited to only five places. Hosted by John Powell-Jones (SAVWO) and Textbook Studio who run their own creative practices alongside the print studio MONO at the Mill, you will have a chance to experience their working practice and studio culture.
You will learn all about the Riso process, design your own sine, lay out your own design and then spend time printing at the end of the sessions you will go away with a knowledge of Riso and 10 x 12 page riso zines. For much more information see the Mono Website.
Priced at £80 per person there will be refreshments and a light lunch thrown in on both days. To book reserve online at Eventbrite