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End of June listings in Fat Out's Burrow (Islington Mill events space)

Thursday 25th June: Ortho Slice & Friends featuring Hannah Marshall, Seth Cooke, Sam Andrea, David Birchall, Anton Hunter, Mio Ebisu

Event info here 


Friday 26th June: House of John Player, Mother, Rosen & Kepla (Deep Hedonia) 

Event info here


Saturday 27th June: High Hoops 10 hour day party with Marcellus Pitman & Wbeeza 

Event info here


Monday 29th June: DADA 100 seminar; artists, curators & academics in support of an international art programme in 2016. Administration free. For more info please email:




We are thrilled to be able to share with you that Fat Out are undertaking a 2 year residency in our event space at Islington Mill! 

FAT OUT'S BURROW will be bringing you an eclectically curated programme of cultural events, supporting emerging artists and musicians. Fat Out have brought many intoxicating live shows to the Mill over the years already, as well as their flagship event Fat Out Fest, so we know we can rely on them to keep up the pace.

L A U N C H I N G   1 6 t h  -  2 1 s t   J U N E 



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